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Special Deal Four You

Our Data Center Services is enabled the businesses & individuals to hosting their servers in SentraColo. With colocation in SentraColo will allow you to deploy your servers with superior security, reliable network and integrated management data center services.


Special Flat Value

IP Electricity Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Slim Tower Case 1 350 Watt 0 899,000 Order
* Best Value – Flat Price
+ Free Setup Fee


Special Budget

IP Electricity Setup Fee 1st – 3rd
Monthly Fee
4th – 12th
Monthly Fee
*Flexible* Contract End Contract
Monthly Fee
Slim Tower Case 1 350 Watt 0 499,000 1,049,000 12 Months 899,000 Order
* Best for you that have minimum budget at the biginning
+ Free Setup Fee
+ Flexible Contract : Maximum 12 months (See Flexible Contract Rule below)
+ After 12 month contract, price back to Flat Value
+ Use Coupon: BUDGET12

Flexible Contract Rule
Contract Freely (Flexible)
Before the contract is runs out, the customer is allowed to change at any time their services from Special Budget packages to Special Flat Value packages. Suppose in a period of 5 months of running services, the customer business growing very well, and there are more funds on the customer. Then the customer can change the services to the Special Flat Value package. Where the monthly average costs can be more cheaper with Special Flat Value package and the contract will immediately eliminated. With the compensation, the customer is charged only the difference price between Special Budget package with Special Flat Value package on the previous subscription period.

Contracts With Light Sanctions (not to burden the customer)
For example on 2 months the subscription of colocation services has been stopped by the customer for any reason. Customers no need to paid the remaining contract for 10 months (at 12 months contract), as generally prevailing sanctions that required the customers to pay full cost of the remaining contract period. However, the effect on the Special Budget service fees will be calculated or converted into the Special Value Flat (without contract), only the difference cost will be charged to the customer. So the customer only need to pays the cost of shortage / Special Flat value price difference for 2 months.

Special Hosting VPS

IP Electricity Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Slim Tower Case 5 350 Watt 0 1,399,000 Order
* Best VPS Hosting package
+ Free Setup Fee
+ Free 2 Cpanel VPS + 2 Softaculous
+ Free 5 Dedicated IP address



+ International Bandwidth up to 4 Mbps (Shared)
+ Unmetered IIX & OpenIXP Bandwidth up to 1 Gbps
+ Client-Area, Billing and Ticketing support system
+ Service Level Agreement 99% Uptime
+ Commited support 24/7 Port Monitoring
+ Close Rack system by Fortuna Rack
+ UPS powered by APC
+ Full raised floor system
+ 100% Self Managed
+ Money back guarantee


Additional Monthly
WHM cPanel Dedicated + Softaculous 499,000
WHM cPanel VPS Optimized + Softaculous 239,000
CloudLinux 189,000
WHMCS Billing 249,000
ClientExec Billing 169,000
Dedicated IP Address (1 Static) 25,000
Electricity extra charge / 100 Watt 175,000
Reinstall / Reload OS (One Time Charge) 499,000
Managed Services (cPanel Server) 599,000

Slim Tower Size

Casing Slim Tower Size:

- Max Width: 14.5 cm
- Max High : 35 cm
- Max Length/Deep: 50 cm

Example :

- Power Logic Allegra 200/500
- Enlight Infinity EN-01/06
- Simbada CX-18/CX-15/SX217
- Power-Up Slim

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

+ Price exclude PPN
+ Price can be change any time without prior notice
+ Setup Fee is only for physical setup at our side, among others like set up space rack, cable, port switch, IP & Bandwidth activation, assembly the server.


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Offering Special Budget... Colocation server only from Rp. 499.000,- / month, to start your business.. - SentraColo
Where's the location... Cyber building the most preferred building for data center. It's center of the local peering for the lnternet exchange (IIX, OpenIXP), ISP, NAP, Games Center, etc.- SentraColo
Offering Special Flat Value.. Colocation server only from Rp. 899.000,- / month, with flat and economic price.. - SentraColo
Benefit... Unmetered IIX & OpenIXP with Bandwidth up to 1 Gbps, with Close Rack System by Fortuna Rack, Powered UPS by APC, Full Raised of Floor System, and more... - SentraColo
Profesional... Our Team with experience more than 8 years for the services, and committed to support 24/7 of Port Monitoring.. - SentraColo
Reliable and Fast... Focused on providing total solution for colocation server and data center services.- SentraColo

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Cyber Building 5&6th floor
Jl. Kuningan Barat No.8
Jakarta 12710

Email: sales[at], cs[at]
Hotline: +62 8888 46 1991-92
Phone: +62 21 56138351-52
WA/Telegram: +62 8888 46 1990-91
YM: cs.sentracolo[at], sentracolo[at]

About company

SentraColo was founded at the end of 2008 with subsidiary of PT. Sentra Niaga Solusindo Group. The founders, have the experience with especially in the World of Webhosting Indonesia. We know, SentraColo is the fairly young company, but we are continuously strive to learn more and committed to our business.
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